Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't be a BETCH.

My cousine Carina, AKA Goldie Hawn, is the most awesome female I've ever met in my life. She is a librarian, a feminist, a rescue-dog owner, and a constant reassurer to me that I also am awesome and it is the WORLD that's crazy, not me. Goldie is the only person that I actually enjoy talking on the phone to. She also introduces me to the greatest things, like Kelly (Lemme Borrow That Top), Psych, and the most annoying person I've ever met, our friend Rey (or as I like to call him, Rey-Rey). 
For Christmas this year I made her a bookmark with the word "betch" on one side, and "to goldie ... love joan ..." on the other. (I'm Joan Fucking Crawford, bitches)

I used a satin fuschia floss and it was pretty tricky at times but I really like the end result. Also, because I used fabric glue to adhere the two bookmarks together, it is very firm. (That's what she said!)


  1. No one fucks with this bookmark. I've shown it to fellow librarians and book lovers and I see the envy in their eyes. I just laugh and toss my hair back, Goldie style. ♥

  2. P.S. Ray is totally the most annoying person ever. He walks a magical line between making me want to punch him in the face and hugging him.